About Geja's

For over 56 years, fondue dining at Geja's Café has been a favorite indulgence for Chicagoans as well as out-of-towners. It's a perfect way to kindle romance, celebrate a special occasion or simply join family and friends for a fun and unforgettable dining experience.

So that you enjoy all we have to offer, we suggest Geja's three-course Premier Dinners. In a candlelit room, surrounded by the music of Flamenco and classical guitar, you'll be presented with creamy Swiss Gruyere cheese fondue, served with fresh breads, fruits and vegetables for dipping. Our crisp house salad, dressed with tangy Dijon vinaigrette, offers a counterpoint to the rich, warm cheese fondue appetizer.
Next, you'll cook your choices of Australian lobster tail, Gulf shrimp, beef tenderloin, fresh sea scallops or boneless chicken breast in a pot of sizzling soybean oil or broth. The main course is served with fresh vegetables and eight gourmet dipping sauces.

Our famous Belgian chocolate fondue is flamed table-side, and presented with marshmallows for roasting and other delectable dippers. Geja's Cafe features the ingredients to make your evening an event you'll remember for years to come. Our professional staff will guide you through your dinner and help you choose the perfect wine to complement your meal. Come find out what has made Geja's Cafe one of Chicago's most admired restaurants for over 56 years.

cheese fondue with bread and fruit

The History of Fondue

While fondue cooking has been around for centuries, cheese fondue started as a way of life for shepherds. When they traveled away from their homes, they carried with them wine, cheese and bread to eat. They melted the cheese in a pot of wine over an open campfire and dipped the crusty bread to enjoy a warm filling meal. The entree of fondue has its origins in the vineyards of Europe. During the grape harvest, land owners placed heated pots of oil in the fields so that the grape pickers could eat a hot meal without having to leave the vineyard. The chocolate fondue was born in the United States in the 1960's when Swiss born chef of Chalet Suisse restaurant created the dish to help launch his new chocolate bar. Geja's has brought together these 3 old world ways of fondue cooking to one new world experience known as the Geja's Premier Dinner.